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Quality is something we take seriously, which is why the engineering team makes updates to all of Kurzweil Education’s products each month. This ensures that our tools evolve alongside Google, Apple, and technologies you use daily. As a collective team, we constantly work to improve the learning experience by listening to customers like you. Here are highlights from recent updates to do just that:

  • Control text-to-speech with new keyboard shortcut keys (Chrome Extension)
  • Sync students from Google Classroom with the click of a button (Kurzweil3000.com)
  • Password protect PDF documents (Kurzweil3000.com, Win, and Mac)
  • Support for macOS Big Sur (Mac)
  • Watch new YouTube videos on Google Connect and the Chrome Extension

Monthly features and updates are announced on the New Features page in the Kurzweil Academy.

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You’re invited to hear about recent updates and other opportunities from Corey Navis, General Manager of Kurzweil Education. Register now to attend the next Coffee with Corey.

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Free Training Courses

While the past year has us all asking, “Is it over” we know that addressing learning loss is only the beginning. New free training courses each month—from reading to studying, Google Connect and Testing—will help with your summer learning efforts and to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year.

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SSO: Is it right for you?

Schools are switching to single sign-on (SSO). Is it right for you? Kurzweil Education offers multiple single sign-on options, including Google, ClassLink, and SAML.

Get a tour of new features and learn about your options for offering single-sign-on to your staff and students.


Skill Builders

9-Min Skill Buider: Learn Vocabulary 

Research has shown that if students do not adequately and steadily grow their vocabulary knowledge, their reading comprehension is adversely affected.

9-Min Skill Buider: Making Connections 

Recent research shows that "students who were assisted to read material two years above their reading level made the greatest gains."

9-Min Skill Buider: Organization

Research has shown that learners who visualize as they read have a richer reading experience. Kurzweil3000.com’s Brainstorm feature aligns with this strategy by providing an organizational framework and visual representation for topics and content.

9-Min Skill Buider: Attain and Sustain Focus

Focus is the gateway to critical thinking. Without it, memory, organization, and problem solving suffer. But every student is different, what helps one student focus may act as a distraction for another.

About Kurzweil Education

Kurzweil 3000 is assistive technology that makes it possible for learners to access any content, anywhere. With a multitude of features that support reading, comprehension, writing and test-taking, it’s designed to help students become more independent learners, more active classroom participants, and more confident in their learning. Visit www.kurzweiledu.com to learn more.