Wherever learning happens, we’re in this together. 

Join us for a full week of free webinars focused on bridging in-class learning with distance learning.

The week will kick off with strategies to engage students whether they are sitting in front of you or joining from their home. Guest speakers will share recent research and applications of students with Mental Health concerns and what—educators and students—struggled with most teaching during the summer months.

Each webinar is 30 minutes long, with a little extra time for questions. If you’re ready to jump into professional development now, take a look at new PD classes for Fall 2020.

Register now for the free webinars you’d like to attend:

Friday, Aug 14th

2:00 PM (ET) Engaging Students at a Distance
Join Karen Narvol, a consultant and trainer for Kurzweil Education to learn how to engage students in any learning environment—whether a traditional classroom, fully virtual, or a blend of the two or hybrid.

Monday, Aug 17th

2:30 PM (ET) Pandemic Dialogues: Collective Learnings
Corey Navis, the General Manager for Kurzweil Education, will share these insights with you—and how they’ve impacted our plans. Remember that whatever happens in the upcoming months, we’re in this together.
3:00 PM (ET) Kurzweil 3000 Launched!
Will Skeels, the Product Manager for Kurzweil Education, will review new features just launched in Kurzweil 3000, including integrations—including Google Classroom—and partnerships.
4:00 PM (ET) Research Insights: AT in Mental Health
Corey Navis, General Manager of Kurzweil Education, catches up with Sarah Ko and Linda Petty on their latest research: The Impact of Assistive Technology for Post-secondary Students with Mental Health Disabilities.

Tuesday, Aug 18th

10:00 AM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Denise Fizel
2:00 PM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Scott Whaley
3:00 PM (ET) Kurzweil 3000 Student Essentials
"The essentials" are sometimes confused with everything you need to know. That is not the case here, Kurzweil Education’s Callis Hutchings will show how you can get the most out of learning using the bare minimum…just enough to get you going.
8:30 PM (ET) Where do I go for this? Curb Learning Loss with Less Logins
How can we address the learning loss caused by the pandemic? Sara Murphy, the Reading Interventionist for Desert Mirage Elementary, provides a simple solution: executive functioning.

Wednesday, Aug 19th

10:00 AM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Cami Griffith
3:00 PM (ET) Top 3 Teacher Tools
Join Callis Hutchings for a tour of the top features teachers used during the early months of the pandemic. You’ll learn how to support a wide range of student abilities using the same grade-level content, even when teaching from a distance.
4:30 PM (ET) Research Applications: AT and Mental Health
Guest speaker Linda Petty will demonstrate how you can apply findings from recent research: Assistive Technology Accommodations for Post-Secondary Students with Mental Health Disabilities.
5:00 PM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Shaughn Nelson

Thursday, Aug 20th

10:30 AM (ET) Pandemic Dialogues: Jennifer Lake
Now that we're ready to return to school, Corey Navis, General Manager for Kurzweil Education, re-connects with Jennifer Lake, a Secondary Literacy Services Coordinator for St. Croix River Education District, to continue their conversation about the impact of the pandemic on learning.
11:00 AM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Samuel Marquez
4:00 PM (ET) 3 Features for Accessible Distance Learning with Carol Nees

Chalk Talk

We’ve been meeting with educators across the U.S. to understand the unique challenges that await. Each conversation revealed additional insights about the pandemic’s impact on learning, some of which we captured to share with you.

About Kurzweil Education

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